Anthony Robert Grasso, an Italian-American actor, has been described as having the spirit of a soldier and the heart of a poet.

Raised in Brooklyn, NY, in a two-family house of Italians and Jews, Anthony was probably the only Italian growing up celebrating both Easter and Passover. This experience has given him a strong sense of family values with a mix of moxie and passion.

Anthony began his artistic journey back in elementary school with achievements in both Fine Arts as well as local theatre.

After receiving a BFA from SVA in New York, he began his training at The Actors Studio, Neighborhood Playhouse, and The British Academy in Oxford, England.

With over 28 years of professional experience as an actor he has starred in numerous films including Gun Hill Road (Sundance Entree), M. Night Shamalan’s AMEX campaign This is My Life, Columbia Picture Stepmom with Susan Sarandon, psychological feature Billy’s Cult and The Pigeon Egg Strategy (shot in Hong Kong, Sundance Entree).

Some of his Television credits include: UNFORGETTABLE with poppy Montgomery, Daytime, One Life to Live & All My Children (recurring), Primetime The Black Donnelly's, Sex & the City, NYPD Blue, several episodes on Law & Order. His recent Law & Order appearance was the 20th season costarring with Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson.

Anthony teaches Film & Television Acting at NYCDA & NFA in NYC and the tri-state area and continues to practice visual arts through photography. He currently lives in NY with his wife, Diane Harrington, and their daughter.